Best hobbies for women to learn

An activity for people  to do at their free time which provides happiness and personal fulfilment is called hobby. Hobby is each one’s personal interest other than their occupation . Hobbies play important role especially  in women life. With family and work commitments women may not get personal time . This may affect to physical and mental health of women as they get old. Therefore , learning new things and spending little time  to do their interested activity will greatly improve maintain physical and mental well being of women. Let’s see few amazing benefits of having a good hobby.

Benefits of hobbies for women

  • Spending a quality time for your hobby will give self satisfaction and happiness in life when you are fed up with daily work routine. Hobbies are great stress relievers.
  • Learning new activity that is not attached to work will boost energy and self confidence , helps to complete daily routine work
  • Hobbies offer new experience , challenges and creativity which leads to explore new things in present world and   encourages the growth of new brain cells.
  • Learning a good hobby keeps you away from over exposure to social medias during free time. If you are excelled in your hobby , you can turn it into part-time job and make some additional money . This may help in emergency financial need.
  • Lifestyle of a working women changes suddenly after retirement. They may find difficult to spend entire day fruitfully. That time , learning new hobbies will help greatly for them.
  • Over age 50 , during menopause time women may get into depression and start feel loneliness. Hobbies are great medicines during this time to maintain mental stability and physical stability.
  • Women is back bone of family. Hence, happiness gained by doing your favourite activity will lead to happy family!

There are plenty of hobbies suitable for women to learn. Few best hobbies  among them are listed below.

  1. Sewing : Sewing is best option for women to spend their free time fruitfully. Sewing is an interesting activity  which improves your creativity , concentration  and patience . This hobby helps to save money and easy to learn. If you are eager to do any job  , but cannot go outside due to personal commitments , then you can take –up sewing as a work from home job also! There are so many new things to explore in sewing  like embroidery , quilting etc . Hence this can be a very good hobby for a women to spend their free time. You can refer to
  2. Swimming : Swimming is an amazing life skill which gives complete physical workout for your body. It helps to reduce the body weight and stay fit since it burns lots of calories. It also helps to improve lungs capacity and muscular strength. Swimming keeps your heart healthy and very helpful to overcome from stress. So , swimming is also a best choice for women to learns.
  3. Learning Guitar : Guitar is one of the famous musical instrument. Learning guitar and playing it in your free time is a very enjoyable hobby. This greatly helps to relieve stress and enhances the memory power. This field has so many things to explore and scope for your creativity !!
  4. Gardening : Gardening is one of very popular and favourite activity for many women! No need to go for any class to learn gardening. You can take few tips from gardening experts and start this hobby. Spending time with plants gives great relaxation and you can feel extreme satisfaction when you see outcomes from plants i.e., flowers/vegetables/ fruits!!
  5. Reading/Writing : If you want to spend you free time lonely , reading / writing are best options . You can write your inner feelings in the form of poet /story/essay/novel and get self relaxation and satisfaction. Reading good book/magazine/blog  is a very good hobby which enhances your knowledge and helps to forget your difficulties in life. These to activities boosts your confidence level.
  6. Jewellery making : Women love to wear variety’s of jewellery. So , learning jewellery making can be an interesting hobby for women. It improves creativeness and gives self satisfaction while wearing jewellery made by themselves!!
  7. Painting : Painting is a beautiful activity which gives lot of happiness. This gives great self satisfaction and relieves stress. Enhances the memory power , concentration and patience. There are so many varieties of painting starting from pencil drawing, water colour to oil painting , wall painting etc. This is the best choice to spend your leisure time.
  1. Photography : In this era of Smartphone’s , everyone has chance to take good photos. You can learn how to take good quality photos and spend your free time taking amazing photos. And can make good albums or publish in magazines. You can cherish your present memories in future if you take photos and keep it safe. It gives you happiness and satisfaction.
  1. Cycling : Cycling is also a best option for women to take-up as hobby. Once you get balance , it does not require any class or guidance or any particular place , hence women can do cycling at their convenient time and place. So this will be very helpful women to adjust their time for cycling in day-today life. Cycling boosts your happiness and energy. This the best way to get relaxed from boring daily routine of life. It improves muscle strength , flexibility and reduces risk of chronic diseases. Cycling has less risk factors and group cycling boosts your competitiveness and confidence. 
  1. Singing/dancing : Many women took-up these two great arts as profession. But , women can learn singing or dancing for their personal happiness as a hobby. So that , you can sing/ dance at your leisure time which will give you lot of happiness and boosts your energy to do your routine job. Singing greatly helps to express out your emotion and relieve stress , also keeps you calm. Dancing gives physical exercise for your body and helps to maintain good fitness. There are so many forms of singing and dancing to explore.

 These are the couple of best hobbies suitable for women to learn. There is no age limit for learning. Therefore , learn a new activity according to your personal interest and make your leisure time fruitful!

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