How To Make Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

we’re making holy pizza dough here I have 6 ounces of whole wheat flour and I’m going to add a teaspoon of yeast and I’m going to add nine fluid ounces which is about a cup in two tablespoons of warm up just going to mix this smooth.
this will give the flour a chance to absorb the liquid with whole-wheat flour it’s good to give a little extra time for the liquid to get absorbed and that’s why I’m making a sponge we’re going to set this aside and let it rise and then we’re going to finish our dough.
we’ll just cover this and let it rest for about thirty minutes to an hour well it’s been an hour so let’s see if our sponge is ready when you lift it up it.
should be nice and foamy underneath which this is you can see it’s deflating as I stir it so this is ready we can add the rest of our reasons to add a teaspoon of kosher salt and two teaspoons of olive oil.
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough I’m using extra virgin olive oil and then I’m just using bread flour here 6006 is as much as possible with a spoon.
and then I’ll begin kneading it the more you mix it in the bowl the easier it is to knead later and it’s a little less sticky on your hands if I feel like this is too wet I can add a little extra flour if I feel that it’s going to be too dry I can add a little.
extra water and that’s best to do early in the mixing process this is going to be pretty good the dough is all sticking together and it feels pretty good I think I don’t need to add anything else.
everything mixed up and now I’ll start to knead gather this all together I didn’t put any extra flour on the table because they still have some dry bits of dough here to pick up it .
starts to stick to the counter I can add a little extra flour I don’t want to add too much I don’t have to it can make my dough dry and starting to get a little sticky as I knead it as it’s picking up.
all the pieces so it feels a little sticky right now I’m just going to add a little flour to my kneading surface and we’re making enough dough here for just one sheet pan pizza so it’s a pretty small easy to neat piece of dough.
and I’m just going to knead by pushing the heel of my hand on the dough back and forth until the dough feels nice and smooth and somewhat extensible I’ve been needing for about three minutes .
now so this is just a couple more minutes and we’ll be done this dough is sort of sticky you can see the dough is sticking.
to my hands don’t worry about it it’s just the nature of a whole-wheat flour so if it’s too sticky just add a little more flour as you’re going very little.
all right vigorously needed this doll for five minutes and it’s ready so I’m just going to round it up which helps give a nice surface to contain the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast and we’re going to place it back in the bowl that .
we used earlier and let it rise again in the winter my kitchen is kind of cool so I’m going to place my bowl with my dough to rise in a warm water.
bath so that it gives it a nice warm cozy environment to grow in well let our dough rise until it’s about double in size it should take about an hour our.
dough has been rising for an hour let’s see how it is you can see it’s puffed up quite a bit I’ll just see if the dough stays indented when I push my finger down on it it does it’s a little sticky .
and whole-wheat pizza dough will be a little stickier than regular in whole wheat flour we have the whole wheat.
kernel ground up and so you have brand in there and that actually cuts through the gluten that we formed in there so that’s one of the reasons that it’s a little trickier making a good whole-wheat pizza dough .
I replenish this water once while it was rising so that it would still be nice and warm so we’ll get rid of this now make sure my counter is dry I’m just going to take this dough out.
and reshape it so that it will be perfect for making our pizza dough now you might be tempted to use this dough.
right now and press it into your pan but it will be better if we give it a shaping and then let it rest until it’s risen a little bit and extensible .
so I’m just going to coat this with a little flour and we’ll set it aside keep it covered so it doesn’t dry out .
and in about 15 or 30 minutes this should be ready it’s been about 35 minutes or so since we put this aside and you can see.
that the indentation stays and it’s it’s nice and light and it should be ready to work with I’m just going to flour it a little bit because the dough is a little sticky just to handle it I’m going to start stretching it out before I put it .
on my tray with my fingers open that up a little bit now I’m going to put some oil on my tray and place my dough on here I’m going to turn it around on both sides so I get a little oil on both sides of the dough and I’m just going to stretch this to fit the pan if you don’t let this dough rest like we did it’d be very hard to stretch out all right so here we are now.
if you’d like to do this on a peel instead of in a tray like this and  but this works very fine and gives you a little bit of a crispier crust when you do it in the olive oil.