Good Omen Season 2, Will it release in 2020? Unscramble the Release date ,Plot and Character of upcoming season

The popularity of Season 1 excited the viewers about next season and they are enthusiastic about season 2. But they have to wait for at least one year to experience the next comedy-mystery in form of season 2. Good Omen series is a comedy series based on the novel of the same name written by Terry Pratchett’ and Neil Gaiman. The series is directed by Douglas MacKinnon.



Season 2 of Good Omen probably will be released in the year 2021. The show will stream on Amazon Prime video when it will release. But it is confirmed that season 2 will be shown on BBC this year.

Plot of Season One.

Good Omen is an anecdote about an angel and devil who do their work Great plan. But both are opponents of each other. However, they become friends because of the long time they spend together.

When Antichrist was born, they agreed to work together but when they got to know that he is the wrong child they tried to identify the correct child. By the time they identify the correct child, it is too late and last they thought of their involvement had any effect.

Synopsis of Season 2??

It is predicted that Season 2 plot will be based on the novel “Good Omen” as same as Season 1. But it is also predicted that Director will unfold some twist in Season 2 which will surprise the viewers and it will be different from the story of the novel.

Cast of Season 2

It is anticipated that the Cast of Season 2 will be the same as Season 1, but it is a probability that some new characters will be introduced for different roles.

Aziraphale – Angel who owns a bishop shop.

Crowley – Devil and close friend of Aziraphale

Adam – Antichrist

Satan – Adam’s father.

So all the predictions related to the story, release date, and cast will be clarified in the coming months. So keep waiting and don’t waste your excitement about release date and story but keep it for watching season 2.

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